Australian Colour TV Co deals in all things TV. Specialising in the supply of TV`s to the Commercial market, Australian Colour TV is much respected
throughout the industry as a Company that is trusted and easy to deal with. Australian Colour TV believes in personal one on one service,
working together with our customers to get the best TV screen available for their needs every time!



In the Commercial market today, venues are always trying to find their clientele something to view that they don’t have at home.

Australian Colour TV Co Big Screen LED’s – From the big NEC 98” (inch) to the Stadium Sized Video Wall Modulate Displays detailed below, Australian Colour TV Co has a
Big Screen TV to suit all your needs. In the Commercial market today, venues are always trying to find their clientele something to view that they don’t have at home.
A 60” (inch) screen would have been seen as a Big Screen TV 6-7 years ago, so many venues are now going for 80” (inch) screens and beyond to grab their patrons attention.

NEC 98″ Commercial Ultra High Definition LED

NEC Commercial 98” Ultra High Definition LED

Above is a picture of the NEC 98” (inch) Commercial LED recently installed at the Stardust Hotel – Cabramatta. Notice how the Big the 98” (inch) makes the 50” (inch)
Screens look so Small. The NEC 98” (inch) Commercial LED is the biggest Traditional LED Screen on the market today, with Ultra HD Resolution and High Brightness direct
Backlit Display, “This is the Rolls Royce of Big Screen LED’s”.

Big Screen Video Walls

Indoor and Outdoor Video Wall Modulate Displays
Australian Colour TV Co are now selling these huge Stadium Like TV’s which can be made as awesome in size as you like.
We have several different options in regards to these big screens designed to suit all budgets and needs.
With different model designes to go either inside your venue or outside in your beer garden for example. These screens are real crowd pullers, making your venue the
place to be for all the Big Main Events.
With the Australian Colour TV Onsite Waranty and service you can rest assured that “All your Big Screen Modulaters are Working all the Time”.

Video Cube Walls

video cube walls
LG’s Video Cube Wall
-The Thinnest Bezel Cube Wall in the World

The Cube Wall Big Screen Options are a great choice for providing your venue with a Big Screen. Attraction, these screens are ideal for the following reasons:
• Size is limitless
• Ultra HD Display
• Thin Bezel Technology
• Multiple Images can be displayed
• High Brightness Picture
• Commercial Panel and Power
• Supply – 24/7 useage capability

“The LG Video Cube Wall has the thinnest Bezel in the world and has the clearest picture of all the Big Screen Displays”

Commercial DATA Projectors


Australian Colour TV Co have the experience for all your Data Projection needs.
Our Reps will call out to your venue to measure up what size Data Projector your room can take.

We specialise in the NEC Data Projectors, which have a range of Movie Cinema Type Projectors to Conference Room type Projectors.

New laser projectors now available. These new projectors don’t require globes, saving your business big money in the long run.

All NEC COMMERCIAL DATA PRO’s come with a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.