Menu / Advertising Screens

In our lifetime, the importance of hygiene has never been so important, making the need to go paperless with all your Menu Displays and In-House Advertising an important health consideration.

Available in LG, NEC and SONY Commercial Models

We have the LG, NEC and SONY Commercial Advertising LED Screens in-stock, with each brand having multiple models with different features designed for Advertising Display. With dozens of different options, we will help find the perfect screen to suit your venues needs regarding Digital Advertising.

Designed for Portrait and Landscape Display

Our Commercial Advertising Display LED Screen Range are designed for both Portrait and Landscape Display. Studies have shown that when advertising with LED Screens that Portrait Display is more effective as it is comparable to reading a book or paper.


High Brightness Display

These Commercial Advertising LED Display Screens are designed to display at a Higher Brightness than the normal LED TV. The High Brightness Display helps attract your patron’s attention which helps to push your advertising message with things like “Dinner Menu Specials” and “Upcoming Venue Events” etc.

This image shows the LG High Brightness LED Screen compared to a normal screen, notice how much brighter the LG screen on the right is.


Other Key Features:

- Designed for Commercial Venues: All our Commercial Advertising Display Screens are designed for Commercial Usage. Designed to display 18-24hrs/day depending on the selected model.
- Ips Panel and Ultra-HD Display: Like an I-Phone, the IPS Panel Display on the Commercial Advertising Display Screens have a much wider viewing angle than a normal panel. They also keep an even brightness throughout the whole screens display which shows your in-house advertising or restaurant menus presentation in a more professional way.
- Wi-Fi Built in for easy update of content display
- Dust-Proof Design eliminating the risk of performance degradation.
- Narrow Bezel & Slim Depth