Rent To Buy Deal


Australian Colour TV Co deals in all things TV. Specialising in the supply of TV`s to the Commercial market, Australian Colour TV is much respected
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NSW COLOUR TV Co – “Rent To Buy Deal”

The Rent to Buy Deal includes all of the following:

5 Year Warranty

The 5 year warranty includes our special warranty covering service calls, labour and parts. In the event the screen needs to leave the venue for repairs our company will either lend or simply replace with another unit within the 5 year warranty. This warranty is unique to our company. The screens we use are for commercial use and are not sold in normal retail stores as we cannot claim on warranty on domestic models that are in commercial venues. All our screens have been approved by TAB Corp and Sky Channel.

The special conditions our company offer you in regards to The Rent to Buy Deal -

  • In the event of TABCORP closing your TAB or you exiting the TAB after a period of 12 months our company will take possession of such screens if we cannot do a deal with the new agent and cancel contract.
  • At the end of the 5 year period our company guarantees transfer of title of the screens to you and if you renew your contract with new screens our company will buy back the old screens.
  • All screens installed come with a 5 year total warranty.
  • The screens are all insured for fire, theft, malicious damage, water damage, etc included in the Rent to Buy Deal.
  • The installation includes taking the old screens down and installing/tuning in new units.
  • Special share rent deal - the contract must run for 12 months. After this period for example if the contract goes for 24 months and you resign or the TAB is closed our company will reimburse you 6 months of the rent back to you. If the contract goes for 36 months our Company will reimburse you 12 months rent if you resign or the TAB is closed. If the contract goes for 48 months our company will reimburse you 18 months rent if you resign or the TAB is closed.
  • The Buy Back comes in at the end of the 60 months where our company will offer you money back for the screens.